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Recent Journal Entries

2/4/23 at 5:21 PM

Not quite sure what this site is supposed to be.   So is this just for hookups?

7/31/22 at 8:29 PM

Never anyone here {#emotions_dlg.undecided}

5/30/22 at 1:48 AM

Lots of work today in the garden!



5/26/22 at 12:15 AM

 Finally it's warm! About +20! 

Planting flowers in shorts and t-shirt. And, of corse, walking bare foot. 

"Sun, sun, sun - here it comes!"



5/21/22 at 4:23 AM

Making small greenhouses from the wood boards left from the old fence.

Mom is happy, green fellas are happy - everybody happy))

5/20/22 at 4:12 AM

Just trying this out.


Let's see if it works and how long it takes to be approved.

5/18/22 at 10:16 PM

My second entry

5/18/22 at 12:47 PM

Great to be here!

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